Left internship for a slower pace in life and got a job two jobs that pay.

The magazine had been terminated, my entry unpublished, unread and archived. 

Dua Lipa has been my muse. 

Meryl Streep is still my spirit animal. 

Murakami, still as depressing as ever, remains my favourite. 

Penang was tiring, but wholly fulfilling. 

Japan was nice, but better alone.  

I’m moving on. 

I’m moving on. 

I’m moving on. 



You know it’s late at night, almost into the wee hours of the morning, weird thoughts start seeping into your head and you cannot sleep. You lay in bed, lights dimmed, eyes shut, but life flickers in that darkness underneath those eyelids. 

Some, like myself, call this an existential crisis. I hate it when this happens. 

Loving Blindly

When love blinds, nothing makes sense.

Your mental vault freezes; you process and recognise nothing. You forget names, deadlines, and even the number of times you fed your pet. 

But nothing is an exaggeration. Nothing does not make sense. Because you do remember snippets of your life flashing by. But mostly, you remember him:  his pearly whites hidden behind his sheepish smile, his mysterious world hidden behind his glimmering eyes, his charming single eyelids, his high cheek bone, his mole on his right cheek …

Someone greets you.

You do not respond.

Someone raises a question.

You do not respond.

Someone repeats the question.

You do not respond.

Someone screams your name.

You do not respond.

And when I do, I panick.




To halt, or to start over
1,492 km away.
The question lingers
like an overdue cigarette.

Memories breed anguish
who greets like old friend.
A shake of hands, a pat on the back –
A dishevelled hair.

To move, or to stay
3 floors apart.
The pain clings
like stench on fabric.

Conversations beget affection
affection begets addiction.
Alcohol-induced palpitations
spur capricious midnight texts.

To chase, or to walk away
5 months down.
My brittle heart beats,
The infatuation remains.


I never did write those letters. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to and I wanted to pen my thoughts and feelings down. For some reason, I’ve been restless.

The thoughts that haunted me yesterday night still haunt me today, and will continue to do so tomorrow. You see, I have insomnia is not quite the .

I worry about the present participle and the past. I worry about an em dash and a hyphen. I worry about ironies and paradoxes. I worry about you, and me.

That relationship between lines and stanzas, between sentences and paragraphs, between introduction and conclusion, I wanted them developed. These are feelings, so genuine and raw.

I wanted these feelings to be clearly expressed on a clean sheet. I’d first start with a scribble, catch momentum along the way and eventually churn out a diarrhoea. I’d have them sanitised before getting them plastered and sealed. Finally, reaching you.

Except the letter was never written and it never did get to you.


Charlie, are you happy?” Jen asked.

I beg your pardon?

You know like the warm guzzling feeling inside you,” he added. “Like you know the world cares and that you belong in it.

Well yeah, I guess,” I squeezed Jen’s hand. He squeezed back.

When we first dated, I never quite understood him. It was after a couple of months later, I realised he was different. Jen has a way with words. He is succinct yet very much verbose. He does not sugarcoat yet he makes you feel comfortable hearing the negative things, the bad stuff.

Why ask?” I said.

Nothing. Just curious.

Lies. Jen was never curious. There is definitely something. But I know better than to question him. For me to know the truth, I just had to wait.


I am accepting suggestions on how I can improve and what directions I should take. I drafted this in December 2016. And I no longer have much juices left for this. But I guess, I will take things slow.

First Love

I think we have a lot in common. 

And I thought we were of to a good start. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have felt that tingle down my spine when I first saw you, or the sparks that flew when our eyes met, or that warm feeling in the back of my throat when you grabbed my hands.  

It’s both funny and enchanting to see you crease your brows whenever you picked a serious conversation. You’d look at me for help, but I’ll never understand nor will I ever interrupt. 

We were never meant to be. Because if it wasn’t for me, you won’t be here. Yet something horrid happened one night, which brings forth a tormentous, spiralling turn of events. We met eventually, albeit in unfavourable conditions. 

Really, we were really never meant to be. But our similarities outweigh and overpower our differences, and love, a curious thing it is, prevails. 

So let me bid my last goodbye. This is all I have to offer and I’ve nothing more. Keep in mind that I’ll always love you and I’ll remember you forever in the back of my head. 

Live well, stay safe, and be happy, my child.