“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Movie Review

After a week interning at Rajah and Tann, I was already dead exhausted, at least mentally. I desperately desired an opportunity to recharge, rejuvenate and reenergize and the weekend looked really promising for me to sleep through. Nonetheless, I still had to sacrifice some rest time last Saturday to get off my bed, gobble my breakfast, enter the shower and head out to get tickets for the blockbuster of the year, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. Here I have to admit that doing these things was right or I would have found myself seated in an uncomfortable neck-breaking position in the theatre.

“Catching Fire” continues the story that was started in “The Hunger Games”, the first of a trilogy. “The Hunger Games” tells the tale of how Katniss Everdeen (Jeniffer Lawrence) won the 74th Hunger Games that was created to force children, from each of the 12 districts,
into a game of survival, where they would be forced to compete with one another in a dangerous arena. She managed to outwit the system and not only did she become a victor, she also managed to ensure the survival of her friend (Peeta Mellark) from the same district.
“Catching Fire” started off with the victory tour of Katniss and Peeta to various districts. During their tour, Katniss realized that
her wits, which had helped her attain victory, were a source of hope for many people in various districts. As such, many started rebelling
against the Capitol. Then came the announcement for the 75th Hunger Games, also known as 3rd Quarter Quell, which required victors from
earlier Hunger Games to compete a second time. This action was made to destroy bonds the districts had with each other and to make them feel
weak. It was meant to be a reminder to the citizens of the districts that even the strongest among them cannot overcome the power of the Capitol. This was designed to force Katniss back into the arena in the hopes of stopping the rising rebellion.

Released on the 21st of November in local theatres, “Catching Fire” is the talk among many children, teenagers and adults. As compared to the
previous movie, “The Hunger Games”, I preferred “Catching Fire” so much more because there are no scenes that show a bloodbath between children. So, cheers to retaining the innocence of children. “Catching Fire” made a beautiful attempt to build suspense within the first hour. Otherwise the hour would have been considerably more boring. I also loved the way how Peeta soothe “Morphling”, who sacrificed herself for his survival,  into death – taking her body to the beach and referring to the colors of the skies. I was momentarily touched at this scene.

Did I mention that there was humor in the movie? Well, there is! I did not expect that and it certainly adds merit to the movie. With her superb acting skills, it is no wonder that Jennifer Lawrence was one of the Academy Award Nominees. However, I am disappointed by the fact that the games ended rather quickly. I guess the directors could have extended the battle. “Catching Fire” has certainly surpassed the previous movie and I am looking forward to the next sequel.

My ratings: 4.5/5.0

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“The Devil Wears Prada” Book Review

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

File:The Devil Wears Prada cover.jpg

As the name suggests, this book is no doubt one of those chic lit novels, which involves fashion, romance and fame. This book depicts the story of Andrea Sachs, a typical graduate from Brown University, who seeks a career in the publishing industry specifically “The New Yorker”. After sending several resumes, she received a call from “Elias-Clark” for an interview to be the junior fashion assistant of Miranda Priestly, the chief editor of a fashion magazine, a magazine that was unknown to her, a magazine that portrays the most stylish trends — “Runway”.

She heard rumours from those around her and from Miranda’s senior fashion assistant, Emily Charlton, that Miranda Priestly was a total lunatic – The Devil, one who makes flippant decisions, one whose instructions were always vague and one whose demands are impossible to be fulfilled. Initially, she did not believed them but as the date that signalled the end of Miranda’s vacation draws near, Andrea finds herself in one of the most terrifying and excruciating moments of her life.

Published in 2003, the beginning of the 21st century, Lauren made a beautiful and superb attempt in empowering women through her novel, a concept of gender equality is being emphasised.  The portrayal of absolute power through Miranda Priestly and the stoical aura that emits from Andrea and Emily are the reasons to why I simply enjoyed reading this book.

I also adored the way Lauren shapes her characters. The evolution of Andrea Sachs, the way she does things, the way she prioritises her work, the way she wants to succeed and the way she manages her relationships, throughout the book, is one of the few reasons that prompted me to continue nibbling on this chic-lit.

So, what exactly is Lauren’s inspiration to write this book? For once, no one knows. However, it was identified and found out that Lauren worked at Vogue as an assistant for 10 months. What a coincidence. Some said that this book is horrendous as it seems to spite the editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour, whose demanding and aloof attitude won her the nickname “Nuclear Wintour”; while some said that this book was superbly created.

Anna Wintour 2009 crop.jpg

One thing is for sure and that is I really enjoy reading books that have hidden agendas underneath the covers. Otherwise, I would recommend this hilarious, witty, sassy book to those who would enjoy a tour in the way a typical fashion magazine works.

My ratings: 3.5/5.0.


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考试时期已过大约两个礼拜了自己也拿取考试成绩了,我不必每天熬夜读书, 不必每天在临晨五六点起床准备上学,更不必为考试成绩而感到担忧,感到困扰。现在的我时间多的是。现在的我不知该如何享受暑假也不知从哪里开始读书。 由于在年头我报名当实习生所以从下个礼拜开始,我得去律师楼去实习两个礼拜。老实说我不知道自己应该要做什么样的准备,不知道所买的两套衣装是否会不会太时髦或是是否适合在律师楼穿。“烦恼”这两个字可形容我对实习所面对的心情。

最近,因为时间多的是所以开始看了偶像剧,2012年的《给爱丽丝的奇迹》。剧中说明了一个非常复杂的故事,。它讲述了一名非常著名的小提琴家贺霆宇(炎亚纶 )、一名从乡下来到城市的小提琴家陈海杰(修杰楷)、一名对自己所拥有的美妙动听歌声而不知的蓝蝶菲(梁心颐 )、一名来自日本的神秘女神 ALICE (周采诗)和一名时常帮助叛逆小孩的金丽莎(杨贵媚)在城市里寻找幸福,寻找自己 和寻找奇迹的故事。




“3 Peas in a Pod” movie review


“3 Peas in a Pod” states the tale of 3 students, Penny (Jae Liew), Perry (Calvin Chen) and Peter (Alexander Lee Eusebio), as they embark on a road trip that commemorates the end of their University life. This movie is the second movie that was produced and directed by Michelle Chong.

As many would expect, “3 Peas in a Pod” depicts a typical love triangle relationship between Perry, Peter and Penny, however, it depicts something greater, something more complex and so complicated that it does deserve the NC16 rating.

It has been a while since I watched a thought-provoking movie. I recalled the last one I watched was “Silver Linings Playbook”, which starred Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. So, what is so significant about “3 Peas in a Pod”?

But, before that, I must state that there are some twists in the movie and it does take time to fully comprehend them. All in all, it makes me wonder about what is truly accepted in our local society as well as that of other’s society. With the NC16 rating, are we truly changing and becoming more open? Can we accept that theory love overcomes all obstacles? Are the friends around you truly your friends?

You realised that some of the above questions are the kind a typical teenager, who is undergoing adolescence, would question himself or herself. These questions may seem simple, yet at the same time very thought provoking.

The review that CNA wrote about the movie, “… a highly character-driven film, so it was fortunate that the film’s three attractive young leads were up to the task, and managed to get the job done despite it being their very first movie.” I agreed with it. The characters did a beautiful job in portraying the different emotional aspects, just that I feel that Jae’s attempt at crying may seem a little artificial.

Also, did I mention that I have fallen in love with the movie’s theme song, “我與你”? Love the meaning behind the lyrics. Calvin was the assigned singer for the Chinese version while Alexander is the assigned singing for the Korean version. Both the male leads are singers, Calvin was from a famous Taiwan band known as “Fahrenheit” while Alexander was a former member of the Korean band “U-Kiss”.



Overall, this movie is a beautiful piece of work, touching, sincere and unique. I really love the twist at the end and I have to say Michelle Chong has once again surpassed herself! I look forward to seeing her next creation!

My ratings: 3.8/5.0

“3 Peas in a Pod” is now screening at all cinemas island wide.



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