“3 Peas in a Pod” movie review


“3 Peas in a Pod” states the tale of 3 students, Penny (Jae Liew), Perry (Calvin Chen) and Peter (Alexander Lee Eusebio), as they embark on a road trip that commemorates the end of their University life. This movie is the second movie that was produced and directed by Michelle Chong.

As many would expect, “3 Peas in a Pod” depicts a typical love triangle relationship between Perry, Peter and Penny, however, it depicts something greater, something more complex and so complicated that it does deserve the NC16 rating.

It has been a while since I watched a thought-provoking movie. I recalled the last one I watched was “Silver Linings Playbook”, which starred Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. So, what is so significant about “3 Peas in a Pod”?

But, before that, I must state that there are some twists in the movie and it does take time to fully comprehend them. All in all, it makes me wonder about what is truly accepted in our local society as well as that of other’s society. With the NC16 rating, are we truly changing and becoming more open? Can we accept that theory love overcomes all obstacles? Are the friends around you truly your friends?

You realised that some of the above questions are the kind a typical teenager, who is undergoing adolescence, would question himself or herself. These questions may seem simple, yet at the same time very thought provoking.

The review that CNA wrote about the movie, “… a highly character-driven film, so it was fortunate that the film’s three attractive young leads were up to the task, and managed to get the job done despite it being their very first movie.” I agreed with it. The characters did a beautiful job in portraying the different emotional aspects, just that I feel that Jae’s attempt at crying may seem a little artificial.

Also, did I mention that I have fallen in love with the movie’s theme song, “我與你”? Love the meaning behind the lyrics. Calvin was the assigned singer for the Chinese version while Alexander is the assigned singing for the Korean version. Both the male leads are singers, Calvin was from a famous Taiwan band known as “Fahrenheit” while Alexander was a former member of the Korean band “U-Kiss”.



Overall, this movie is a beautiful piece of work, touching, sincere and unique. I really love the twist at the end and I have to say Michelle Chong has once again surpassed herself! I look forward to seeing her next creation!

My ratings: 3.8/5.0

“3 Peas in a Pod” is now screening at all cinemas island wide.



I do not own the pictures nor the music.


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