“Just You” Drama Review

Amidst my somewhat busy schedule, I managed to complete yet another Taiwan drama, “Just You” or《 就是要你爱上我》. Just a month ago, I was chasing another Taiwan drama, “Alice in Wondercity” or《 给爱丽丝的奇迹》, and ended up a little disappointed by the rather blurred and swift ending. As such, my hunger for good Taiwan dramas was not satisfied, prompting me to hunt for further promising alternatives. So, I started searching other dramas which starred the characters in “Alice in Wondercity”. Lara was not very promising while Jie Kai simply has too many to pick from. As such, I began my google search with Aoran Yan. The first on my list was none other than “Just You”, the drama, having screened in 2013, was rather recent and that began my journey to devour the drama.

The story involves the stories of various employees as their new boss (Qi Yi/Aoran Yan) decides to put in place a restricting order that denies anyone from having a relationship with one another in the office. As the employees all witnessed the separation of a would-be engaged couple, the feelings of resentment was unanimous, which prompts the rebellion against the new order. The plan, aka “猎狮行动”, was created and it aims to make the boss of the company fall in love with the daring, loyal, slow, weird girl (Chen Liang Liang/ Guo Xue Fu) so as to remove the cursed order. As the story progress, many interesting things happened. So, will the hunter succeed or will the prey escape? (Note: For those who have watched the drama, please pay special attention to this last line!)

Like all typical dramas, this story revolves around the idea of romance. What is unique about this drama is that it explains, in my opinion, what romance is supposed to be from the main characters’ perspectives. Even though such a drama genre is pretty much showcasing “ how a guy finds a woman attractive and decides to chase her” or “ how a girl finds the guy attractive and decides to chase him” or “love triangle” story, what caught me off guard was the idea of anti-romance that was portrayed initially in the drama. This unique start definitely serves to be a plus point as the director has set himself a difficult obstacle to overcome and he actually surpassed it, resulting in a rather beautiful and in-depth elaboration of love, very much unlike that of other dramas.

The concept of home was also frequently emphasised. The director as well as the casts made an excellent job is showing that forgiveness and acceptance are values that must be held dearly in order for a family unit to stay strong and united.

Diehard fans of the Aoran Yan would not have missed the theme song for this drama. It is none other than “挡不住的太阳”. If you noticed my profile page, this song has since been allocated to my playlist and I believed that it will stay there for a long time. It is indeed a very sincere song, one that perfectly relates to some of the characters in the drama. Bravo!

What I find annoying was that this drama has a tat too much flashback scenes. It really is a tedious job to consistently look at the past then switching back to the future. I must also say that the director made a frail attempt at inducing humour in the drama. I only burst out laughing when Liang’s mother was screened.

Overall, a light-hearted, unique drama with a perfect concoction of actors and actresses, I would totally recommend this drama.

My Ratings: 4.0/5.0

Note: I do not own the images/pictures or videos.


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