Reflection After Prelims

I have the irksome trouble of starting an introductory paragraph on essays or on blog posts. Do not get me wrong, I do know what I want to write, how I want to write, and why I want to write. The problematic part was how I introduce it, such that it sounds genuine, neutral and eloquent. These three characteristics, in my opinion, hold the key to persuade, inspire and enrich others by casting a captivating humble initial impression. That is why I daresay that a lack of good first impression can at times lead to one’s demise. After all, without the head, the body will cease to function. Funny enough, I am not alone, for this is a problem that burdens many students, teachers, authors, professors and even governors.

That being said, the above example seems to reflect a thing or two about one having a good head start or a good foundation in many possible aspects.

To my elation, though I am positive that it would be a short-termed one, I have completed my last major college-based examinations. It was a gruelling struggle and I doubt I improved enough to make a difference, or even attain a laudable achievement that can perhaps motivate me further. I am sure that the days to come will no doubt instil a sense of panic and fear, simply put a living hell.

I agree with the theory that states that examinations show the level of syllabus understanding a student possess, as well as the quote by Socrates that states, “The unexamined life is not worth living”. I firmly believed that if one was to not examine, one will not think with clarity and critically, essentially being a person who grows with experience rather than a person who grows because of understanding these experiences. (There is a difference!) Examinations serve to measure how well one is able to comprehend the experiences and knowing its application. Furthermore, there is a need to be examined. The basis that human thrive on mutual interaction proves so because without such examinations, it simply proves that there no one is monitoring your progress. In context, without examinations, schools are not doing their duty in raising students of calibre for our cutthroat world.

How then does a good introduction, or a good head start, or a good foundation have a relationship is important? The answer has been mentioned and it is: experience.

Experiences are important in shaping people, empowering them, and crafting their future. Back when I was J1, I was passionate about learning, but I was lazy. I do not have the maturity to make full use of my time and ensuring that the experiences I have collated (seminars, lessons etc) were constantly reviewed. As a result, I struggled and I am still struggling. I attended the entire “Meet the Parents Session” in JC, and never have I felt that great sense of burden and guilt of letting down my parents, who have invested so much in me, hit me so hard. Because, I thought I could make do with last minute studying, I procrastinated and I paid for it. This is the sole experience I manage to salvage from the whole of last year, and this year I thought, for once, I could do it.

So far, I couldn’t sadly. Tests after tests, exams after exams, I failed. Thankfully, I have so many close friends and great teachers, who constantly give me encouragement and hope. So, all I need to do was to have resilience.

To quote a very close motivator of mine, “Never for a moment think that other people have it better. I know many of my students (you too, probably) like to think that I probably had it easier. The truth is, I didn’t. I was pushed to my limits and i emerged a better individual than before. So press on, and don’t lose hope! It’s perfectly fine to feel tired and lifeless, but it is important not to dwell in them!

Truth to be told, I do not even know whether I will be able to make it, but I guess all I have to do is to stay happy and give my best, and cherish the last few moments I get to spend my time in JC. If you are troubled with studying, chin up for it will get better. Remember, you entered the college as a stone, and you will leave as a sparkling diamond.


PS: To that motivator, all the best in Finland! Don’t come back with some kind of accent. XD


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