“I am angry, I am very angry, I am furious.”

Aforementioned, examinations are over and now lies the nerve-wrecking post-mortem. I heard her brusque footsteps coming from behind, as I readied my desk for the lesson to begin. It was the first lesson of the day and I thought it was going to be a good start, especially so since I heard that many did decently well. How wrong I was.

Apparently not long after, “Miranda Priestly” with her no-nonsense and austere-looking mien started chastising us.

You have wasted the whole of Term 3.

If you are not capable of getting a B easily, you will trouble getting an A in a month’s time.

XXX, are you satisfied?

YYY, are you happy?

I am angry, I am very angry, I am furious!

The moment “Miranda Priestly” opened her pursed lips, all forms of lively chatter dispersed and disintegrated, not out of respect but rather of fear. Basically echoing a unified expression of morose and sheer sullenness; a literal pin-drop silence.

Truth to be told, I am not satisfied, for I could have done so much better, and looking back I see a need to question myself,

Have I neglected the importance of active application in the past month?

However willful I am, I will still need to come to terms with answer, which is a resounding “YES!” that came from my heart.

A subject that I thoroughly enjoyed, General Paper is my pride and joy just like how a father is proud of her daughter, or a mother to her son. I love writing and it is as simple as that, and I guess that is the sole reason for it being my pride and joy. Or so I thought.

You see another theory exists, and that is I am perhaps proud of the subject not because I enjoyed writing, but rather in virtue of the fact that I am scoring better at it. I mean if I was to enjoy writing as much as I claim to be, I would have excelled in other subjects as well. Subjects that demands the similar intensity of expression of ideas and content, or if not more. Hah, the contradiction.

While I may seem to radiate an aura of despondence, I am however glad to have been reminded of this sad reality, a wake-up call. I need to better myself and not act like those who only know how to yammer and bemoan, which serves to be a painful, irritable, and unworthy reminder to those who have done much much worser.

That being said, I guess the sole point of this piece is to find redemption and assurance that I may not be as bad as it seem.


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