Sweeping Motions

What’s messier right now — your bedroom or you computer’s desktop (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.  — The Daily Prompt 

Well, what’s messy? My life. And why do I say so? Well, the answer is simple: Cambridge A-Levels exams are coming up and I am no where near ready. What have I done with my life?

As I am by my desk writing this piece, in the background of the catchy All about that Bass by Meghan Trainor, surrounded by three stacks of “urgent-to-be-read” labelled notes, stationery and speckles of eraser dusts positioned in an unfastidious manner, and all the impedimenta of a job being done, I realised I haven’t been living my student/college/whatever life to be the fullest.  Last minute cramming of information in my head is, literally, tearing me apart bit by bit, piece by piece.

I am then once again reminded that I should have done all these, these unseemingly important duties that accompanied a typical student earlier and not balk away any forms of canny planning.My mentality then consisted of , “Meh”s and a lot of “Bleh”s.


And while I gaze across the room, onto my bed, my alluring bed, which seems to be beckoning me forward, to embrace it amid the cooling air-conditioned room, to be tucked under the cartooned blanket and escape to a land, where no worries exist, I couldn’t help but sigh. Well, the bed is so much neater than my life, and my desktop, or the homepage of my Samsung S3.

And how did I arrive at such a state of disorderliness, one which I truly despise and fervently attempt to avoid? That, I don’t know.

My desktop filled with soft copies of answers from the amount of inter-collegiate papers – Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry, Geography- that I have and will be attempting, as well as the soft-copies of essays or outlines of essays, as well as drafts of blog posts, which ironically seem to have appeared at times where I time is pressing.

My phone’s screen is then filled, with downloaded versions of lecture notes, a timetable for the coming week, a calendar, which is filled fully for the month except for one, that is going to depict the lists of consultations that I am attending in the eleventh hour.


But regardless, there is a semblance of order on my desk, my desktop and my phone’s screen. For instance, the desktop has been classified into 4 equal sections, with one classified for miscellaneous softwares, another for recently downloaded and to be read, one for the recently downloaded and read, and the remaining one for work to be completed. Well, I guess that systemic characteristic of mine still retains in my subconscious mentality.




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