Is a study of history relevant in today’s uncertain world?

The Invisible Perspectives


The study of history has always been a focal point in education systems around the world. Students learn about their country’s history from young, and subsequently going on to cover global history later in their academic life. While such depicts its popularity and importance, History has always been involved in a debate about its relevance. There are some who argue that history is irrelevant, given that the 21st century is ever-changing and fast-pace; there are also some who contends that there is significance in studying history regardless of the prevailing uncertainty in our modern day context. This essay shall show how the study of history is not only beneficial, but essential to our lives in the 21st century.

Famous historian, William Lund once said, “We study the past to understand the present. We understand the present to guide the future.” It is an unassailable notion that learning…

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