Now that the major examinations are over and as the day till I enlist into the army approaches, I figured that I ought to enjoy myself. While I am overly zealous about indulging in post-examinations parties, I am dubious, given my limited time, that I will really enjoy myself. There are a LOT of things I would want to do in this mere 20 days or so, which includes chilling out with friends, spending quality time with my loved ones, having some time for myself and more, and the sad reality is that I do not have the time.

I’m literally “Living as if I’m going to die the next day“.  To summarize things up, the following will be a list of my activities I want to engage in before 09 December 2014, 2359: (In no order)

  1. Go to S.E.A Aquarium , and dine at the Cat Cora’s Ocean restaurant amid the company of the savory delights, fishes, sharks and other marine creatures. (Expected date of completion: 30/11/2014 )
  2. Karaoke! I have been to one once, and I am longing to go again! (Expected date of completion: 25/11/2014)
  3. Blood Donation. I am a frequent blood donor, three times a year every year since last year, and because of examinations I haven’t been exactly loyal. So, it’s time to go back! (Expected date of completion: 27/11/2014)
  4. Exclusive date with my fellow debaters.
  5. Exclusive date with the hotshot trios.
  6. Exclusive date with my mates from Pre-U Seminar.
  7. Slim down 3kg before Prom. (Expected date of completion: 4/12/2014)
  8. Illumi Run!! I was really jealous at those who went last year, and this year I made a promise to go there with my best friends! (Expected date of completion: 28/11/2014)
  9. Exclusive date with my Godmother. (Expected date of completion: 9/12/2014)
  10. Read 2 Books – Quiet by Susan Cains and The Sense of Style: the thinking person’s guide to writing in the 21st century by Steven Pinker.
  11. Cook and Eat a lot. (I know this may sound generalized and that it seems to contradict point 7) .
  12. Write daily!

The above is just a mini summarized list to what I want to do before enlisting, and trust me there are so much more things/events that I want to participate. I guess I will have to make haste slowly and walk on eggshells so as to not exclude anyone.


So, my family and I decided to spend the evening at Chinatown. And, boy am I glad to have gone there. I don’t know how Chinatown is like in other countries, but in Singapore it’s often filled with tourists, souvenirs shops, street food, and hawker food. I managed to capture some moments at the very last minute of my trip, so cheers!


This was taken on the bridge connecting to malls, and I fell in love with this. For some reason, it reminds me of my time in CCHMS. How nostalgic. IMG_20141120_073308Food.


And more food. And look at the cute little piggies!!
IMG_20141120_073140I finally am able to sink my teeth into this BOOMZ. It’s basically a cameralised fruit, one that originates from Beijing (I think). A splendid combination of sweet and sour serves as a perfect dessert for the big meal I had earlier on.


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