As we embrace the darkness in open arms, under the accompaniment of the moon, stars and the skyscrapers, together with the blaring pop hits while prancing or sauntering down the laid out path along with many others, we are reminded that we are still children.

That’s right. We are still children.

And it is an unassailable notion that the interests of the child are of paramount importance. That is why there is all the more a need to satisfy the child’s wants. Probably because a child’s wants will form the rudiments of his psyche, or perhaps because the child desire to grow while retaining memories of sheer bliss, and maybe perhaps because a child’s wants are symbolical of his individuality.

Yet, yesterday night we have not only celebrated the aforementioned, we have gained more. Simply put, we indulged in Joie de Vivre. It was a night of colors, laughter, sweat, jumping, screaming, and a fervent expression of liberation. Yes, A-levels are over. We are no longer zombies, we are children.

It all began at 15 minutes pass 8.00pm, after depositing our belongings, we gathered at the start-point. The run, or so they called, was initiated in several batches, and because we were slightly late, we were amongst the middle-few to be released. Deejays from the local radio station and some other hot chics manned stage at the start-point, hyping the runners batch after batch. This inevitably reminded me of the sheer incompetency I had while trying to hype the audience while hosting my college’s road race earlier in the year. Nonetheless, I was enthralled by their sporadic but zealous responses, overall they possess a truly superb stage presence.


There was another group waiting up ahead, and god bless them for waiting. We met up and began the run/walk. The route was 5km long -expanding from the road beside Nicoll Highway to the F1 pit and then the Singapore Flyer- and split into five different glow zones, each designated to have personnel ready to squirt, spray, pour variegated illumi glow water. You will get wet, and you will be colored, which radiates under the UV light (I think) quite beautifully.

There were runners, but they form a minority. The race,which cost SGD78, was mostly made up of people walking. It might seem a ridiculous way to hurl money away, which to a certain extent I thought it was a rip-off, but if you consider the memories created, I’d say it was a worthwhile investment.

We consisted of about 12 people, and there were 3 couples among us, each containing and maintaining their besotted minds, and we were garrulous. It was entertaining looking at one sardonically irritate someone else, and it was even more entertaining to join in the mockery.

The race ended with us situated at the bag depository area, in order words also meaning the start of the party. I managed to capture the following moments of us being children…

I had Denise took them for me.



Me after the race!


And the party begins. The booze booth was located at the side, and me being ever so lazy and awfully genteel today decides not to get them.IMG_20141128_113952


I need to credit Juzan for sending these in:

IMG_20141128_114810 IMG_20141128_114900 IMG_20141128_114928

And not forgetting Huda for the following:



There is no doubt we are all weary at the end of the day, but to me, at the very least, it was enjoyable and memorable, which is pretty evident from the fact that I stayed up late to finish this at one go.

I will recall the night. Definitely. Infinitely. 


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