I am an introvert. I, as Susan Cain, author of the “Power of Introverts”, calls it, respond best in quieter environment. This means I work best alone, well at least for most of the time. Probably because my mind is most active and alive, or probably because no impedimenta exists which inherently means me getting my job done quicker and more effectively. That is why I relish having solitude. Be it, a stroll in the park, or a bus ride to and from campus, or eating, or shopping – which I have this particular dislike, whilst shopping, for the salesperson to approach me – and  …

You get the idea.


Went to catch The Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 1. It was awesome. 

It comes as no surprise to my family members for me to go to the movies alone, though I must say it may possibly be a different story coming from my friends. I cannot seem to figure why meetups invariably often means catching a movie together? Although I am cognizant of committing the irony/paradox of organising a gathering without interaction. I guess it is basically revolving around the idea of being contented with accompanying or getting accompanied. Which then brings me to the next question – lately I have been bombarded with questions, which are often sporadic in nature  – about dates. Why do couples choose to go to the movies? Could it be the preceding notion? or could it be something else? I am curious. (Maybe I need to fall in love go to dates)

Solitude and Loneliness are quite the polar opposite of each other. The former refers to the preference of being alone, while the latter refers to the pain of being alone. And there is nothing wrong in wanting to be alone. In fact, I’d like to recommend people to spare some time to themselves away from the internet, from their smartphones but not necessarily from the crowd. It might be beneficial, because personally, other than having some random revelations, I think I managed to figure what keeps me happy, and what not. Face it, having a time off from being empathetic to those around can be a reprieve.

Comically, I have to give credit to myself that being alone managed to help me generate the posts on the this blog.

That said, I like interacting with people. And I do have my social life, just that more often than not I spend time to myself to do the things I want, I like. I am no “emo kid”. I just like being quiet. We have our own preferences, and I am in no position to tell you what you want to do but I think it is time for you to enjoy the greater perks of being alone.


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