In my earlier post, which describes a rather dismal future of mine, I mentioned about me falling deep into the ocean, becoming a denizen of the deep.

And I wonder, how life would be like if so.

Which prompted me to go on a trip to the SEA Aquarium over the weekend with my aunt. I was excited, partly because of the liberation from being imprisoned by academic burdens, or perhaps it is because I was able to spend some quality time with the person who has taken a portion of her life to raise me. Either which, long story short, I am indebted to my aunt and I cannot wait to spend time with her again, since we have been pretty much slaving away with our own commitments.

So the day begins like this …


The weather was perfect to enter the Aquarium. We came early and the queue, though expected, was surprising long. We got two tickets and another two to enter the Typhoon simulation theater.


Me posing beside a model of an ancient Chinese marine transportation vehicle, before entering the theater. (I honestly hate the reflections.)


I know we are not supposed to take pictures in the theater, but I managed to take one. I daresay, this is a waste of $2.00. Yes, there were special effects -the mist spray, the lightning, the shaky chairs benches, the irksome thunder – but I was expecting more. Rationally, tourists or visitors cannot be afforded to be drenched from head to toe, but heck this is a typhoon simulation,  and we ain’t wet enough.

20141130_111323 20141130_111416

Exiting the theater, we were greeted by these two adorable divers, spreading the spirit of Christmas, and for a brief moment I was reminded that I need not do much Christmas shopping, which was a whit unfortunate, as I am both broke and committed to mandatory conscription.


A small segment of the floor was transparent, I recall there was this annoying brat running about and stomping, and jumping on the look-through floor, shocking a couple of visitors. I did wish, then, from the continuous application of shock and pressure, that the glass shatters and breaks such that he will fall into it and perhaps drown, or better, get poked by the tails of the stingrays.


Seahorses , especially in the manner they are poised, carries a demeanor of elegance, which I hold admiration for.


At this point in time, I need to clarify that there is every difficulty in taking photographs of the fishes and other marine creatures, simply because of two factors, each reinforcing each other.

  1. Tourists. I got photobombed pretty badly. No complains here; everyone is entitled to take their pictures.
  2. Fishes.They swim too damn quickly. No complains here either; I can’t control their movement.


Hands on corner! Bound to bring joy to children.




Really enjoying posing for the camera, not.


I want to eat it.


I guess the most enjoyable part of the trip definitely would be the one where the aquarium exhibits the Jellyfishes. I love Jellyfishes. Probably because albeit being enclosed in a horribly small container, minuscule as compared to the colossal ocean, they show no qualms. I supposed I should personify the mellow nature of these adorable creatures. Admittedly, I must say I can stare at them for hours without feeling an iota of lethargy or boredom.


Because I am not a premium member, click here to see those adorable Jellyfishes.


In one of my post, I stated that I wanted to dine at the Cat Cora’s Ocean Restaurant with my aunt, while seated viewing the marine creatures swimming “carefreely”. However, we couldn’t because the prices were simply too exorbitant (4 course meal for 1 was $60++), and we were pinched then, In fact, we still are. So, we had to make do by standing by the railings beside the restaurant, and convince ourselves that the restaurant is selling a grandiose scheme and dining there would be a pathetic way to waste our money, and that simply by standing, just standing here, being close with these creatures was a more economical and satisfying option.




Aren’t these the most magnificent things (corals) you have ever seen? They glow in the dark. I guess Thalassophobia (fear of the ocean) will no longer be bothering me.




We started the trip into the aquarium via the tunnel of shark, and we ended it by also going through the tunnel of sharks. Truly splendid. Oh, I need to mention here that I have pledged myself to “Say No to Shark Fin” at the WWF. (Shark Fin soup is a delicacy that is served at wedding banquets in hotels) I have not eaten shark fins since 3 years ago, and I won’t in the future, so join me and pledge yourself here!

The adult tickets cost $38 each, while the student/child/senior citizens tickets cost $28 each. If you have a nEbo membership, you get to pay the price of 2 tickets and get the third one free. OCBC card holders get additional 20% discount, while POSB card holders get 15% discount.


Okay, stay tune for a post on Prom Night 2014.


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