Rejections, a rant

I am not averse to facing rejections, because rejections themselves are feedback, which are welcomed in my book. Nonetheless, when facing one which is of adverse nature, it most certainly pains the receiver because more often than not, it is the receiver who is a victim of his own actions.

In the instance when that brusque, and curt, and seemingly reverabating “No, you cannot” exits the mouth of the other party, all hopes is lost. And in a surprisingly coordinated manner, a series of events unfolds.

First comes silence. Yes, it takes time for the impact to sink in. Yes, reality hurts. Yes, what do I do now?

Followed by questions. Questions are bound to appear. Each carrying a plethora of emotions and reflections.

Why have I done this?
Why did I not get XXX?
Would it have been better if I XXX?
What if XXX?
What if YYY?

Then, rationalisation. This is where rationality and facts combine together to answer the aforementioned questions.

Because XXXXX.
Otherwise I would have XXXXX.
Yes, it would have been better because XXXXX.

It is imperative to identify that the manner these questions are answered would offer ephemeral solace. And grim reality will come barking and chasing after you like a bitch.

Last comes retaliation. This is where desperation takes over the head, compelling one to be a desperado who commits acts of obnoxiousness. Depending on individuals, retaliation comes in varied forms. Some may resort to reasoning. Others, falsification. Even blackmailing, but this is only for a minor few.

And it is at this point where possibly, just possibly, you might succeed and get a second look at. Your “appeal”, a more decent replacement for “retaliation”, if succeeded, makes you happy and case close. If failed, you know that life sucks and you just want to fuck the world.

That said, rejections are inevitable. But what I truly cannot stand is the manner some people phrase them. And the advent of technology, the creation of toxic disinhibition, has made empathy and sympathy obsolete. We cannot blame these people, we must not, we can only thrive to not be assholes like them.



One thought on “Rejections, a rant

  1. It is imperative to identify that the manner these questions are answered would offer ephemeral solace. And grim reality will come barking and chasing after you like a bitch.

    When I first read it I felt like the first sentence was a bit myopic (Because in this case you made no reference to the first person but, is rather, writing in third person view, of which means you think it applies to everyone, which is not the case. Most people would deny one’s own self-reflection fervently lol)? I could not really understand how it was link to the next sentence. But after I read it a few more times I could. You should explain the link and the first sentence a bit more.

    I could not understand how your third last paragraph is link to your second last paragraph. What does it mean when you say “get a second look at”? What is “appeal” and how is it a replacement for “retaliation”? You have to remember that these are the thoughts in your head. The explanation might seem obvious to you, but to the readers it is not. No two person thinks the same way. Your message to the audience is unclear, and may risk the audience getting misinformed (as they “understand” using their own assumptions).

    Tip: Leave the post to simmer in the draft for a day or two before rereading it. If you find that you require to explain to yourself what you are writing, you probably should type the explanations out on the post too. If that does not work, ask me to beta it!)

    You can try leaving examples for better understanding. And given the nature of your post, try not to end half your paragraph with a profanity? Makes your whole post feel sad and angry. I think there is enough sad and angry people out there. (But that’s just what I think. You can send whatever message you want out there haha)

    Oh and in your last sentence, I think you meant ‘strive’ not ‘thrive’. Sorry it’s so long. :/ shameless.

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