Unknown Excerpt 1

~This post is written prior enlistment, and I have set it to be posted after enlistment.~

By time you read this, I would have already have my ass ship to Tekong Island. And most definitely, I long for home. I long for my life being a student whose only woe is to study. Maybe this is an indicator of my regret for not working hard enough. I long to be under the shelter of a home, my home. But it is contradictory to have such a feeling because I am home; I am in Singapore, the land where I was given birth to. Wouldn’t I have felt that sense of familiarity as I would have felt in my 5-rooms HDB flat?  I long for the breeze, the people, the noise, the trees and everything that I have pleasantly ignored while walking home at my estate. How foolish of me to rant on something so minuscule in size and so inconsequential in nature …

I bet I would have been worn out by now, and the truth is even before enlistment, I already am. So I guess this is it.


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