Unknown Excerpt 2

~This post is written prior enlistment, and I have set it to be posted after enlistment.~

I have never seen so many dicks gathered together in one place – the bathing squatters – and no, I do not have such a fetish or any fetishes. I’m sure by now I would have bonded really well with my bunk mates in my platoon/company. We have been through one week, and this would mean we will be released real soon. I make it sound as if I am living in a jail even though I am not…

That said, I wonder how life is like across the island. I wonder if my nephew has started walking. I wonder if someone I know, who has touched my bald head, won lottery. I wonder if the bed I used to sleep in was used.

I suppose I will be feeling happy. I still miss the island. I shall see it soon.


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