“He”, who likes to get enthralled by the marvels of the universe, possess a tiny inclination to make an impact on the world he lives in. “He” seeks perfection, or at the very least believes in the notion of perseverance. “He” works hard, striving for the best, hoping that one day his dream to stir a change will fulfil.

But, “He” is just an ordinary person who leads an ordinary life and engages in ordinary activities in ordinary places. How can “He”, an ordinary child or crudely put a nobody, has the capability to see his mission accomplished? How can he an individual, so insignificant, so underrated, so weak, withstand the slightest of calamities that befall on the Earth he inhabits? How can “He” not acknowledge the unassailable facts that circumstances change often gradually but certainly, like the differing seasons, as well as that humans are never omnipotent?

In the past year, “He” has seen many, not directly but through the comfort and solace of his humble home. The missing aircrafts, the fallen airplanes, the deadly virus, the unnecessary loss of lives brought about by humans to humans due to absurd toxic ideals. “He” like many others felt the pain, which still pales in contrast to the true grieve those directly affected would have felt. Of course, “He” also witnessed many other non-catastrophic instances, again in the comfort of his home. The triumphs by the sportsman and sportswoman on the frozen field, the domination of Germany in the fields in Brazil, the proliferation of an ideal that echoes the need for equality. “He” cheers for them, but cannot bring himself to truly embrace true bliss for he is not a direct party. “He” too has participated in some life-defining moments and exposures. Examinations, Master of Ceremonies, Fervent participant of the many 18th Birthdays, Mandatory Conscription …
And it is at this moment, “He” wonders whether if the year 2014 was an annus horribilis or annus mirabilis?

Still, the past has already occurred and it should remain as it already is, because “He” or anyone else cannot change it. It is, therefore, a moment to be joyous for “He” with many others has finally grown and mature from the pool of experiences and exposures. Nonetheless, such a change is insignificant to the way “He” aspires to be, but “He” is gratified that “He” has become a better man.

“He” still has a long way to go and “He” has hope and is positive that the year to come will be filled with more miracles, and exposures, and eventually happiness and bliss.

“He” is none other than I. I/”He” wishes all a Merry New Year.



2 thoughts on “Incunabula

  1. “He” had to make me Google search what annus horribilis meant but well, at least I learnt something new. It’s a good post that sums up what you gone through in 2014. Nice flow. This one is an easier read because it’s not filled with words I need Google search constantly.

    P.S. Conscription is already mandatory so adding the word mandatory is superfluous.

    P.P.S Just a question. What is the aim of this blog? Is it more personal or commercial? You can rate it on a scale, 1 being commercial and 10 being personal if it helps.

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