Chinese all over the world have already begun their Lunar New Year celebration, ushering in the Year of the Goat and sending away the Year of the Horse. It is a tradition for many to embrace a new sort of mentality and ideology during the New Year, throwing away the unnecessary thinkings and burdens while embracing new ones. But some trails of thoughts are not as easy to be abandoned as it seems.

I find myself pondering over these arbitrary (maybe a little bit useless) trails of thoughts lately. Here’s the main bulk.


Wouldn’t it be great if man were to be able to fly? Soaring into the open skies with no assistance from any automations or weirdly mechanisms except for his own hands or palms. There will no longer be any accidents involving the destruction of aircrafts that leads to the massive (or dramatic) tragic loss of lives. Wouldn’t it be great if man can breathe underwater? Openly becoming a denizen of the deep, and not worry about any respiratory complications. There will be more discoveries and more mysteries answered. Wouldn’t it be great if man were to have superpowers? To possess an additional set of unique skills that further defines his individualistic personality or existence.

But man cannot be all that talented and that is for reasons we all know why, or can we? After all, what we can think of, we can do.

Rather than imploring the aforementioned above, wouldn’t it be far better if man were to do something else? Something far more beneficial and of greater relevance? Something realistic? Let’s say for instance, what if man and animals could communicate with one another? Man would be able to impart a teeny winny part of his knowledge to the interacting species, and in turn gather crucial bits of information, the ones that possibly could prevent the loss of innocent lives, from the other party.

Or perhaps, what if man could hasten the growth of vegetation? To eradicate the shortage of food. To mitigate the impacts of our relentless and self-centred gluttony for growth. To ensure sustenance.

Splendid isn’t it?

Yet, we are still missing a greater picture here. What we have just described are merely imaginary idealistic images of ourselves, through rose-tinted glasses, leading the life where we overcome our self-made induced obstacles, which would otherwise have been entirely impossible to vanquish considering the fact that we do possess a dearth of capabilities. No doubt we are in a depressing and pessimistic situation and attaining any of the aforementioned now is impossible, but there lies hope.

Is there salvation from our messed up world? The answer, a resounding yes! And there is a solution, a panacea! Not the one involving the barbaric yet rational theory (Wikipedia: the massive culling of the human race to save the Earth from further damage) as profoundly presented in the movie,”Kingsman: The Secret Service”. But, a more humane approach, one that requires surprisingly minimal effort that comes not from any governmental organisations or private agencies but rather from ourselves.

We can make a difference. We know it yet many are not doing it for the greater good. (Let’s not start a debate about the “Greater Good”, shall we?) Wouldn’t it be great if man were to be able to willingly let up his seats to those in need? Wouldn’t it be great if man were to smile more often? Wouldn’t it be great if man were to practice basic courtesy? Wouldn’t it be great if man were to help one another?  Wouldn’t it be great if man were to become less materialistic, self-centred and egoistic while at the same time become more generous, sincere and forgiving?

So, what exactly are we lacking?


We have been reluctant, very much so and it comes as no better time, now, to accept our inadequacy; if we want to change our pseudo-sympathetic society, we need acceptance. Because without it, we cannot proceed on in eagerness and sincerity with our actions. Kindness is an important virtue. It can change lives. Embrace it, live with it.


Wishing all a Merry & Prosperous Lunar New Year!



2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. A very pleasing post to read! A conclusion that most people should learn and embody but due to the lack of impartiality towards oneself and Singapore societal climate, fail to.

    Just to nitpick, be careful with the use of the word panacea, because it does not really sure everything does it? While kindness has the capabilities of making everything better in the most humane way, it does not solve the root of most problems. Because a problem like poverty is still a problem. Kindness at times exacerbates it. And that’s exactly why I think kindness is so wonderful. We know that everyone has problems that they have to go through, problems we can’t help them solve through and through. So why not offer a little kindness, a smile or a cup of coffee perhaps, to make their bitter,grey day a slightly brighter one?

    Which brings me to the first half of your post. While those are line of thoughts you feel will make the world “A better place”, you failed to acknowledge that with those capabilities like flying and such comes a slew of whole other problems. Traffic in the sky perhaps, no rights to privacy due to the lack of boundaries, or the entrenchment of fishermans because we can catch fish ourselves much easily. While what I mention still depends on context, much like yours, mentioning it will give more depth. Ponderings like yours means a totally new world, we’ll probably don’t have to worry about global warming since the sea would have become our very own habitat and will be much better protected.

    I’m battering down on content and less on technicalities this time because this post is missing its potential depth more than anything. The conclusion was really promising, somewhat like a cut that will be featured in the trailer whilst the content stumbling in its entirety. Also, if this was an attempt at making it light much like most people’s thought are, the addition of the heavy problems it “solves” makes it really contradictory. But if it’s not so than ignore that comment.

    Overall though, I am enlightened that the knots of the sail you tied in the boat that is your life is stable and secure, because being kind is a value that a lot of people do not have, and hence will be a value that keeps you a tier above everyone else.

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