we all need to cry sometimes

There is something beautiful in the way people cry and why they do so.

It usually first begins with the shuddering of shoulders and the quivering of lips, in other words dictating the gentle deconstruction of the mental threshold.  Then, the hunching of back, better known as the desperate attempts at supporting the crumbling mental barrier. Followed by a deep pant, a few muffled sobs, and eventually the uncontrollable outburst of tears that would have already welled up. While there are some who wails aloud, there are also some who prefers sobbing in silence. Nonetheless, both describes an inevitable release of emotions, usually ones that have been bottled up.

Because man are sensitive beings and not entirely capable of controlling their own emotions, man cry over many things – the surprise birthday celebration, the unforeseen recovery of a loved one, the death of a loved one, the great regret, the unbearable agony of physical injury, the much anticipated proposal, the intense homesickness, the attainment of a remarkable achievement, the attainment of a not-so-remarkable achievement … Such discharge is unique and can never reoccur in the same magnitude.

But one important aspect of crying is still missing among the minds of many. Man would often associate crying with the idea of attaining a much needed emancipation from the great stress he faces, or perhaps because the scenario has been set up so perfectly that not crying would be a waste. Yet man has failed to ponder deeper or gallantly venture into the much feared route of philosophical thinking. Crying, or rather those in times of sadness and frustration, is also a universal indicator to show that the person has finally come to terms with reality.

That is to also say that it is perfectly fine to cry, out loud, in public. So, why is there still an innate biasness towards the males when they cry? How is such an action labelled as being weak when crying can also ostensibly mean an act of self-empowerment? And for the males who showed their down side to the world, why the disgrace?

Because there are some who have absolute difficulty in crying, having the ability to cry is a privilege and it should be cherished.


“In those far, far away days,
That warmth was the only thing I can feel.
So that when getting lost in the darkness at the end of the road,
All I could do is crying in loneliness.

When I decided to believe and go forward,
The door opened, and those lights
Came shining me.
Let’s flap these wings beneath the blue sky,
These tying hands will never by separated.” – “Reprise” composed by Joe Hisaishi


PS (food for thought: why do i write this?)

2 thoughts on “we all need to cry sometimes

  1. Why did u write this. And hey cry if u want too, it’s good for you. Feel free to find me if u need a shoulder to cry on.

    Your road is not determined by a piece of paper. It’s determined by you. You can make your life great if you want to so don’t give up, keep your chin up and continue strutting like the confident bitch I know you are.

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