Somewhere in the distance, a plane readies to take off. The public announcement was made. In the corner, by the entrance, a stewardess hurriedly ushered the final few passengers on board. The extended door began to retract and the plane door began to shut. An announcement was made to hurry the passengers to settle down. And up ahead in the control room, the pilots sat down. Another announcement was made, this one was a safety briefing. Belts were buckled and phones turned off. They were ready.


Somewhere in the distance, a child readies to board a plane. She was excited. She was also nervous. Never had she imagine being able to ride the colossal craft. Never had she once figured he could fly. She yearned to see the cities from the air, and marvel at the landscapes of the horizon, and feel the thrill of a turbulence. Yet, she feared the heights, the boisterous roar of the engines, and the thunderstorm. Hugging on to her teddy, she reassured herself. She took a deep breath and beamed at her mother. She was ready.


Somewhere in the distance, a man readies to board the plane. He was fighting his own inner demon, his insecurities, his reluctance. His girlfriend was with him.

“It will be alright. I will be here when you return. Go, see the world, and have loads of fun.”


“What is it dear?”


I love you. I know you don’t like it. But do it for me. You will be fine.

No, I will not be fine.

The truth is, I cannot imagine how life would be like with you so far apart.

I will miss the moments I soak in your presence, and embrace your warmth, or listen to your voice, or smell your scent, or feel the softness of your hair with my prying fingers, or look at you in the eyes and marvel at your grace and beauty.

We are pieces of puzzles that are never meant to be separated. You are the heart, the organ of life, and I am a fragment of your rib-cage, the protector of life. I don’t damn care if you send the others with me but I am important, Let me protect you. Let me fulfill my duty.

I belong here. I don’t deserve to go.

Please tell me to stay.

Bye dear. Bon voyage.

He was not ready.
I am not ready.