To my future self.

I hope you are not dead, yet.
And even if you are, I hope you die in your sleep.
Not from drug overdoses,
Not from any slit wrists.
But from sickness and in peace.

If you are alive,
Have things progressed the way you envisioned it to be?

Are you finally in University?
Are you finally making money?
Are you a father? Or just a husband?
Or is it still the same as before?
Still hiding behind the rainbow,
Looking down in envy.

It is funny speaking to you in this manner,
When you are older than I am
But age plays no role because
We are one and the same.

I know you, and you know that I know I mean you good.
Please be humble, and never arrogant.
Forget the Past.
Embrace the Future.
And remember to smile.

Don’t give up. Don’t let go.
You are never weak.
The truth is, you are the strongest person I have ever meet.

The above post was inspired from the following author, Ms Ritika. Read her blog here or the original piece here.
Many thanks to Ritika for inspiring myself and the many others!


7 thoughts on “To my future self.

    1. Yes indeed. I read yours just moments ago before I decided to pour my thoughts and my feelings out. Your post did inspire me to start writing something for myself in the future. Thank you for that.

      I must apologise though, if by any chance you must have felt that this is a copy from yours. Would you like me to remove this? Or a tag as to where I get the inspiration from be good?

      1. Having this removed was not my intention. This blog that I maintain is something that I’d like to put on my college application and that’s why it means a shit lot to me. I don’t want any inkling of plagiarism to be associated with me, that’s all.

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