Bangkok Woes


We seek wholeheartedly to find the right person in a world with an impossible and seemingless crowd. We sieve through countless possibilities and through varying encounters every single day of our life hoping to make the unexpected expected. We yearn to pursue and be in pursuit, and in the progress and process we dress and change to achieve and impress. All of which to find the special someone or be the special someone. The someone who shares the right personality, the right voice, the right company, the right attitude, the right physique, the right thinking, or simply put, the right everything. Sometimes we are lucky, we settle down, have sex, have children and a family. Sometimes we are unlucky because things could not work out the way we envisioned to be.

And sometimes, we fall for someone who is already deeply in love with someone else … … …

The above post is inspired from some shit that happened in Bangkok. Shit indeed.


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