“Hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with a lie.”

Yeah, that motto is too damn hard to live by.

Because it hurts.

It hurts both to lie and to tell the truth.

It hurts when I breathe.

It hurts every day and every night.

It hurts every time I see people outside interacting.

It hurts even if I see a child having fun.

It hurts to see students in uniforms.

It hurts to eat.

It hurts to sleep.

It hurts to walk.

It hurts to do anything.

It hurts to think of you.

It hurts to even try not thinking of you.

You see, I paint this beautiful lie within myself, convincing that I don’t care but the horrid truth is I do. And trying to live by this lie, is literally killing me. I cannot forgive the mistakes I made, or remember the decisions I took, or forgo the people I interact, most importantly I cannot forget you.

It just hurts. 

And there are no clearer words to describe this agony. These three words say it all.


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