On answering (Open-ended) questions

Why do we ask questions?

Surely, to have them answered right? I have always been taught that there are answers to every question and these answers are meant to be discovered, to be fervently pursued, to be proudly presented to the world. But why, then, there exist certain questions that are just darn straight unanswerable, questions that just leaves you hanging and pondering really hard?

“Is it possible for a guy and a girl to become best friends only, without developing feelings for each other?”

I was presented this not too long ago. I was stunned. It was random and weird but it is also an undoubtedly legitimate open-ended question. Open-ended questions are horrible. Partly because of its abrupt nature which catches us when we are most unprepared. What’s worse is that there is no right or wrong. The mere answers are more often unfounded statements that are based on one person’s opinions. I hate it. Opinions can be bias, clash and form disputes. Open-ended questions throw my mind into a mental disorderliness, not only is there a need to consider the varying points of view but also at the same time sieve through a myriad of possibilities. In other words, downright tiring.  

If your girlfriend or your mom were to be trapped in a fire, who would you save?

I imagine myself that I would be able to spin off a good answer straight from thin air and be able to impress. But of course, that will never happen. I guess that is why I absolutely love hearing people’s answers to these random open-ended questions.

Most speak with sincerity when faced with the aforementioned adversity cum dilemma. Some incorporated their wits into their answers, bringing out an entirely unique flavour to the content. Some speak with greater sentiments – a tinge of sadness that accompanies a muffled sniffle, or a pinch of unease that follows a sheepish blush, or the cheekiness that hides behind a mischievous grin.  It is like listening to a part of their life story. It may be a little moment in their life but this moment is significant and very tightly etched into their minds, so much so that one would have expected it to be kept sacred and secret but it was, much to the honour and surprise of others, regardlessly proudly and generously shared.    

I guess open-ended questions are profound.

What would you do if you have only 24 hours to live?

So here lies one question posted by my alter ego, one I find myself having a struggle to answer.

Surely this would be easy to answer. I harbour minimal responsibility. I am no governor nor president: I need not build a nation. I am no CEO nor am I any investor; I need not manage my business or investments. I am just some guy who just spent a year in the army with a screwed up Cambridge A-levels certificate and a very confusing future.

I do not possess any pressing burdens. Surely there must be something I want to do. It could be anything.But what? The flow of words just would not come. And without the right words, my mind remains in an incoherent mess, incapable of stringing together anything concrete, unable to illustrate my inner desires. 

And it will just continue laying there, dormant and incoherent.


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