Hey, you. I hope you are listening. Because this is something really personal. So personal that I probably wouldn’t even tell you. Maybe I will but I might not. I really don’t know about this. We shall see. I should probably just hold it up for now. I mean I have yet introduced myself and that’s rude, right? So pardon me for not introducing myself. And pardon me again for not even going to introduce myself. I actually never intended to in the first place. There is no need to let you know who I am. You being here, well not physically, is already helpful enough. Thank you for “helping” and not helping. I am fine, I think. Lately, someone said that I have been too serious and that I need to laugh more. So here goes, “ha ha ha.” Am I less serious now? Do you know I like the rain? I like how it’s chilly in the rain. I wonder is that how people who died feel all the time? They say the dead cannot feel anything, we don’t know that do we? I really like the rain. What about you? Hey, I hope you are listening. Don’t dose off. It’s rude. Oh, let me tell you a secret, well not a secret – I hate spicy food. They burn my tongue. I don’t eat them. Time seems to stop everything I try to savour anything spicy. Papa and Mama said that I’m hopeless. I guess they are right. I tried but I just cannot take them. Don’t you think time flies? I mean not literally but time does fly. It’s already 3 months into 2016. I felt like I have yet move. One week into March, and I am excited and at the same time, I felt like shit. Do you know what shit feels like? Me neither. Today was a bad day. For no particular reason, today was a bad day. And for no particular reason, I’ve got a feeling March is going to be a bad month. What to do? What to do? Oi, stop dosing off. You are rude.  One last thing, I think all humans are crazy. We are crazy about food, money, love yadda-yadda-yadda … It never stops. The list never stops. To summarise: He is crazy. She is crazy. You are crazy.

I am crazy.
And today was a shitty bad day.

So _|_ (I just learnt this. What marvellous invention.)


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2 thoughts on “Rude.

  1. You are great. Have never read anything like this before. You know how to express your feelings into words which I think is hard for me to do so. Keep on writing more. Can’t wait for your next post.

  2. Haha, interesting and funny post. I definitely agree with you about humans being crazy, but don’t you think it is even crazier that we, humans, believe ourselves to be crazy when this is the only life that we will experience and so, to us it should feel normal? I am not sure if I’m making any sense, but I think you get what I mean…
    March is my favourite month, but my reason is quite biased. The only reason I love March is because it’s my birthday month. If it wasn’t, I would probably dislike it much as the next person because in Australia it means the end of summer and the beginning of Autumn 😦
    Anyways, great post. I look forward to the next one 🙂

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