I must admit that things haven’t been going smoothly. I thought they were going on fine, I was wrong. They went plummeted downhill and I went down with it, headfirst.

Today, I lost my wifi password.
I lost an online document while attempting to save it when the wifi got cut-off.
The shampoo wouldn’t come out of the hole.
It took me 15 minutes longer to get out of the toilet as a result.
I couldn’t close the window in time and rainwater splattered all over my phone and my paper documents.

That’s not all.

Last night, my insomnia relapsed.
I lost the courage to respond to a reconciliation request.
I got hypocritical about that reconciliation request.
I am starting to have a phobia of Birthdays.
I hate celebrations.

I’ve noticed that words don’t string out as neatly as they used to.
I have been very angsty lately.
I turned a deaf ear to many.
It took me longer to response.
I took my first puff after 12 months sometime this year.

Lately, I began talking to myself more frequently.

Arthur, the perfectionist, took over at work.
Terry, the dude who don’t give a fuck, rejected calls.
Jayce, the selfish miser, refused to spend on lunch.
Luna, the gourmet, hates Jayce for not splurging on lunch.
Melody, the unappreciative bitch, appeared in the middle of a performance I was attending.
Wei Ming, the worrywart, panicked at university applications.
Diana, the city kid, fell sick.
Dave, the pessimist, condemned the rest.
And Demetrius?

That’s a hard one. He hasn’t entirely been active. My bet would be that he probably still haven’t gotten the balls to be truthful.

I hope I have reached the bottom of the pit. But I doubt so, or rather Dave doubts so.

God bless.



One thought on “Alters.

  1. That’s horrible to hear that your life has taken a downhill both gradually and quickly. I think that the best thing that you can do is take life one step at a time and be positive.
    I think this is just a phase; something that happens to everybody because the universe is letting us know that no one in the world gets a perfect life, and that we are just human- it would be strange if we didn’t have ups and downs in our lives.
    Maybe try writing your thoughts down more? It’s okay to feel anti-social and out-of-it every once in a while… everyone needs a break here and there to just time out and be separated from others.
    Hope some of this helped 🙂
    Get better soon xx

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