Writing for the sake of writing is still writing

I have had very differing opinions on this.

One moment, I can hate those who write for the sake of writing. (For those who know me, I’m pretty sure ya’ll would have guessed who these groups of people are. But no, Nicole Choo is something else.) And almost instantaneously, I can empathise with them. I am pretty sure they have their reasons, and I wonder if I have had done something along the lines in the past …

Turns out, I don’t have to think far.

Academic writing, as it turns out, is a cliche classic. Everywhere, college undergrads and grads are writing, some nonchalantly while others voraciously, for their grades. I doubt anyone would succumb their minds to this voluntarily, or at the very least, wholeheartedly. But hey, there are some who do so right? And I applaud those who do. But let this piece define the former and not the latter, aye? (Sounds wholly academic here)

So, here am I, writing for the sake of writing in the confines of my relative’s place, hoping that the completion of this will prompt me to finish reading that last chapter of my textbook.

There is value in “shitty” writing. Because, at the end of the day, writing, regardless of authors or poets or writers, is telling. Writing is telling because it sheds light on the writer; writing sheds light on you. Writing tells a lot about you, a denizen of this sad, sad world.

In every piece of writing, you are writing about yourself. You cannot escape it. It is about the internalisation of details in the head and generating them eloquently onto a medium. Sometimes you get it right, and sometimes you don’t. Not because you lack the medium nor the medium, in question, is lacklustre in nature, but because that manifold transition from the head to the hand, and the hand to the pen, and pen to paper, is entirely tedious.

So, here’s to those who continuously strive to be better, to those who succeeded in writing things they never thought they would have otherwise done.

Because,  im damn tilted la. #writingforthesakeofwriting