Split, a MUST WATCH in Jan 2017

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United International Pictures organised a special surprise screening to some lucky people on the 17th December at Green Room in The Projector. I was one of those lucky few who managed to win a pair of complimentary tickets, and frankly speaking, I was not disappointed. Thankfully, my friend whom I invited shared the same sentiments. What really followed was a night of thorough thrill.


What turned out to be a supposed casual ride home from a party turns 3 girls, Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy), Marcia (Jessica Sula) and Claire (Haley Lu Richardson), into kidnapped victims. Their abductor, Kevin, played by James Mcavoy, is a man who struggles with 23 different personalities – Barry, Hedwig, Patricia, Dennis etc.


Image from Universal Studios, SPLIT official webpage


Split not only tells the thrilling classic tale of survival as these girls struggle to seek help from the various personalities, but also outlines two others. On one hand, we have Casey’s flashbacks throughout the movie when her father and uncle took her out into the woods to hunt. On the other, we also have the interactions between Kevin, his various alters and his trusted therapist, Dr Fletcher (Betty Buckley). At the end of the day, all these adds up.

What really stood out throughout the film was how strangely creepy Mcavoy was. And in ways more than other, this was really addictive. While relying a little on the costumes changes, Mcavoy presents his various alters through skilful swapping of his demeanour, his facial expressions and his accents (Hedwig was such a cutie!). Of course, it is worth noting the various costume changes:

There is Patricia with her heels and scarf. There is Hedwig with his yellow raincoat. There is Barry with his beanie, his simple pullovers and his briefcase of fashion sketches. There is Dennis with his spectacle, his shirt neatly tucked in and his OCD.


Image taken from Universal Studios, SPLIT Official webpage


After a few not so outstanding productions from M. Night Shyamalan, Split was undoubtedly an amazing comeback. Shyamalan made us guessing throughout the film, leaving us in urgent need of answers while still having our whole body tensed up. There were a couple twists throughout the movie. What is noteworthy here was how the venue was unravelled. Nobody would have guessed it.

Finally, the movie ends off on a rather satisfying note, leaving most answers answered. For hardcore fans of earlier productions from Shyamalan, you will be in for a little surprise.


Split hits the theatres early next year on 19 Jan 2017.

My review: 4/5

Watch the trailer here.

This is not a sponsored post. Many great thanks to UIP for letting me and a friend of mine enjoy this thrilling masterpiece. You guys made our night!


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Thank you UIP for having us 🙂



La La Land nails Top Ten Films of the Year

La La Land is an original story of 2 aspiring individuals – Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) – who struggle to get by in Los Angeles, the city famous for its frivolousness. Mia who is an aspiring actress has been heading out for auditions with the hopes on getting a big break on screen, and Sebastian a dedicated jazz musician/pianist vows to revive jazz and opens his own jazz bar. This musical tells the struggles of these two individuals as they proceed to strive for their dreams.

This musical has met widespread critical acclaim. It has gotten an approval rating of 96% on Rotten Tomato and is nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Score and Best Song in the upcoming Critic’s Choice Awards. Of course, not forgetting it has won the Top Ten Films of the Year in the American Film Institute.


The movie started out on an odd tempo with two scenes, one with the choreographed traffic jam and two, the getting ready party. I get how the former is supposed to describe the sunny state of L.A and its jams but I felt that was kind of irrelevant. The latter, too, I felt was awkward but nice development showing the support Mia has. It was only until the second meeting between Mia and Sebastian that the movie seems to go back on track. Stone and Gosling possess this sort of on-set and most probably off-set chemistry as they sing and dance from the park bench overlooking L.A. to the scene in the Griffith Observatory Tower. Simply put, they were great.

Image by Summit

Throughout the movie, we see how each character develops into the most unlikely person they thought they would not be. Sebastian deciding to take a leap of faith and play in contemporary jazz in a band led by John Legend. Mia deciding to quit her studio café job, and proceed with writing and acting her own one-woman play. There were a lot of self-doubts, with the former persevering on and the latter almost forfeiting her dreams.

Because an actor or an actress, or a musician is rarely employed, when they do, they are very much alive and be in the moment. La La Land, to me, is all about those moments. That instance when you auditioned in front of an inattentive panel of bored judges. That instance when you performed at your gig in a summer party by the pool or at a local eatery. That instance when someone finally notices the way you act, or sing, or jam. And I correlate to it all. (I work as a freelance emcee/host.)

The movie ends with a genius twist that – without spoiling – basically states that alternate endings are possible.


La La Land is released in all theatres in Singapore on December 9.

Watch the Trailer here.
Rating: 4.5/5 (Must Watch)