Finite Creatures

I am not immortal. I grow old and die.


Upon stepping into the hall, I was greeted by two pathetic aisles of balloons – blue and white – placed at the extreme corners, with goodies packed beside them. The stage cleaned, carried nothing except for yet another set of balloons stuck onto the wall. This one’s different: it’s silver and glittery, and formed a heart-wrecking, “Farewell”. Truth to be told, I was flabbergasted at the horrific interior design that could either mean a low-budget or a creativity deficit. Last year’s interior design for this sacred event far outweighs our farewell assembly. In addition, the masters of the ceremony, a name of prestige, weren’t really professional. I cannot comprehend why they are unfamiliar with the sequence of events, using papers as their scripts instead of cue cards, and referring to most of it for the whole time. Having hosted most of the college activities in my second year, my passion for hosting became the impetus for my particularly bitchy attitude when I see someone failing to do an acceptable job in public speaking/hosting. At the end of the day, I return with the following lesson:

Never have high hopes.

Ever since entering Junior College (JC) back in 2013, I have been complaining on so many different platforms to so many people that JC life sucks, and in return I received a varied spectrum of intriguing replies. Some will agree, and most of these people are fellow JC students, who shares similar sentiments. Those who disagree are mostly Polytechnic students, who happen to be invariably unsatisfied with their school mates. There are some who gives you a neutral response and praises you for entering JC, because it is an “indication” of smartness. These people are usually relatives, and they always say what they want you to hear, but still we all know that such an “indication” is flawed. Regardless, at the end of the day, I learnt another lesson:

No one is going to really solve your problems.

I was reading an article (The Saddest Homecoming Queen in Ohio) right after the horrible ceremony, a particular line struck me. It stated, “When we lose things, we go back to find them”.

In my 2 pathetic years in JC, or rather the 12 years in Singapore’s education system, other than those seemingly insignificant grades, I wonder, how many times have I even ventured to reclaim the things that I have lost?


Now, away from the negativities, I must give credit to my life in MJC, which would ironically happen to be the peak of my life. I entered Meridian Junior College as a young boy, and I daresay that I graduated as fine, matured young lad. My time in MJC was invaluable, and flamboyant words cannot express the amount of lessons she gave me.

  1. Experiences. I have been to Pre-U Seminar (2013), Junior College Law Programme (2013), NUS Shields Debate Competition (2013) and hosted Juxtapose the Fourth Concert (2014), Chinese New Year Concert (2014), Road Race (2014), The Meridian Capriccio (2014), Joie De Vivre V (2014) and many more. I am glad to have been able to grace or host the above events, which taught me so much in both values and information. While, I was inexperience at times, I am nonetheless grateful to have been able to have the chance to follow my passion in hosting.
  2. 13s415 & The Debates Society. Without these two groups of friends, who have been my extended family, I would not have been who I am today. I would perhaps have quit JC mid-way, and entered polytechnic without the revelation of the love for hosting. There are some who I have seen tear, some whom I have offered my shoulders to cry on, there are some who I admire, there are some who I can relate to, there are some who can be assholes at times but at the end of the day they are still your close friends, and there is one who goes beyond words for me to even dare describe. I love you all and congratulations for graduating!

There are many more I would like to extend my love, gratitude and congratulations to. To these groups of people, you know who you are, you have in one way or another impacted my life, and I am more than glad to have met you. Stay in touch!

The lessons that I have learnt as well as the company that I had the privilege of being with, all served as a catalyst for my maturation and evolution as a human. Gone were the selfish days, when a selfish child demands for things that are unnecessary. Here are the days, when a gentleman works for the things he needs.


Those aside, to the guys from my class, whom I have bonded closely too from the myriad of activities we did together: NAPFA training, gossiping about girls, assessing the women’s intelligence, befouling about some people, and even to writing “The Wisenheimers”, I have never been good at General Paper, I am merely interested in language and expressing my opinions out in an articulate manner. That is what I believed gave me your acknowledgement, which is my pride, that I excel in writing. In fact, I encouraged you guys, indirectly, to start writing, to familiarise yourself with the way you express your thoughts and feelings. I have read your writing, and even though I am of no position to ascertain, I loved them. Hopefully, within this short period of time, you guys will break the curse of linguistic incompetence, and write with splendour that you inspire others while at the same time remain humble.



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