Musings: On celebrations

We often overindulge ourselves into a particular emotion.

We want to be happy and can be happy, yet at the same time not want to escape euphoria. We try not to be sad, but often find ourselves getting depressed and hard to get out of that sadness. We are excited yet fervently try to conceal, but ended up making a fool out of ourselves. We try not to feel proud at a random flattering remark, but tend to get overly egoistic and boastful.

Of course, not everyone is like that. But such is the case for the majority. You can deny it. But this is the truth. There is nothing wrong with all of the above. After all, we are just being ourselves.

But more often than not, we let emotions rule over rationality, conscience and sagacity. And this is where I find it funny.

I think we are also guilty of overly basking ourselves in celebrations.

On a larger scale, some local examples would be The New Year, The Lunar New Year, Good Friday, Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Haji, Deepavali, and Christmas Day. Many of these celebrations are either traditions which showcase our multi-racial and religious culture. Well, the remainder is because everybody is celebrating it.

On a smaller scale, we have all kinds of festivals namely, Singapore Night Festival, The Mid-Autumn Festival, Singapore River Festival, Singapore Garden Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, Halloween …These celebrate our local individuality and culture vibrancy.

On an even smaller scale, we have our own individual commemoration, Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthdays … These pretty much speak for themselves. And of course, the emotions tied to all these would be that of joy. A question to ponder here is then, “Amidst all these celebrations, are we really joyful?”

P.S: I know it has been quite some time since I last wrote. But I have been struck with an immense form of lethargy, laziness and a lack of inspiration. But everything has been going on fine thus far. I thank you for your concern. 🙂 

P.S.S: I am in the midst of writing another piece due coming Wednesday (28/10/2015) Stay Tune. 


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